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Mineral Wells, TX
reply to zephxiii

Re: This is the kind of shit that makes me wanna move to...

said by zephxiii:

I'd prefer to see little remnants of something that used to be that wasn't doing anything or going anywhere get acquired by someone like AT&T. I hate small little regional carriers.

This will help AT&T in some of those markets if they are acquiring 850mhz or 700mhz where they didn't have it before. I'd rather see them get it than it going to waste.

And yes I live in a market where a small regional carrier called Centennial got bought out by AT&T. Centennial was GSM only, had a blanket 850mhz (AT&T did not have 850mhz) network that was going to waste because they weren't going to do anything cool with it (like launch HSPA). I also hated their plans and how they went about things. Ever since they were acquired things have been much much better.

Also in my market, USCC got bought out by Sprint which i am also glad to see because Sprint was crippled here due to lack of spectrum. Now Sprint will become a lot better which i prefer since they are more "national" than USCC (who i used to have as a provider and hated roaming everywhere else i went).

This small Alltel network isn't supposed to exist anyways because it was divested, it's just that no one bothered with picking it up until now so i don't know what the hell the fuss is all about.

T-Mobile should get it haha