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Siren, WI

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reply to gunther_01

Re: LigoWave PRO series

said by gunther_01:

My friend said this about them
"On a 50km link I am seeing 2-4ms running 50/20 megs down/up have tested to 100/100 and latency holds same"

Nice. I don't need the sub 1ms pings that licensed links provide, but right now it's the jitter that gets me once my links are under a load. I'd settle for a stable 5ms ping with traffic over a an average of 2 ms with a bunch that jump up randomly.

said by gunther_01:

I may just have to bite the bullet and buy a pair to check them out..

I was thinking about doing that this summer on my 36 mile backup link. It's too cold and money is too tight to gamble with it right now.

said by gunther_01:

The only issue I see is they aren't 5.4 cert'ed, so 5.8 only. I do have an email in to Ligo to see if they are planning on doing any thing about that, but no response yet.

I saw someone had said something about being able to request a special firmware for the lower 5ghz bands. It would be interesting to see what they tell you.