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Gentoo Convert
Fort Smith, AR
reply to pandora

Re: Feds warn PC users to disable Java

Not saying the open code doesn't have certain vulnerabilities. It is fairly unlikely it is the same vulnerabilities though. The open source people have to use different code to achieve their goal, or run a severe risk of being slapped with a nasty lawsuit by Oracle. Same has long applied for things like Linux graphics drivers, too(btw, the open source radeon driver kicks the snot out of proprietary fglrx on my laptop, in terms of OpenGL performance, with no worries that upgrading my X or my kernel will break it. DirectX support is limited but I really don't need it for what I do in Linux.). There has also been no security alerts on the Open Java. With the number of devs that have been working on that project, I am pretty sure somebody has checked this out. It is not Linux perse that would protect against this vulnerability. It is running different code altogether that would. Oracle Linux users would be just as vulnerable, unless of course, they manage to comprehensively sandbox the app in question(Java). I used to run Firefox sandboxed, due to all its vulnerabilities, but found another browser I liked(Chromium) that sandboxes 1 of the biggest security liabilities on its own(Adobe Flash).
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