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Re: Teksavvy - Actually Unlimited?

Service has been good up until just over a week ago. I have the 25/300 plan but after 6PM I am experiencing a ton of lost packets and speeds of under 1MBPS with their cable.

I contacted support and explained everything, we did tests and everything looked okay. So I was told to run the same tests when the issue happened at night.

Same thing again, gave them my report - didn't hear from them for a day so I called again. They didn't have a record of my ticket though I had it in an email from them. Support wrote up a new ticket and also did a few tests to see what I was experiencing. I asked for the new ticket number and he said it would be automatically emailed to me - never happened. Going to call them again and see if my ticket is actually there.

I was told it would be another 24/48 hours before I would hear from someone on my issue. I'm really getting pissed off, it's been over a week with crappy internet every night. I run my business from home and I can't have this issue trickling into the day time. I'm giving them until the end of the week before I jump ship.

Until this point it's been good, but I can't have half-assed service half the day.