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Oswego, IL
reply to thai2

Re: throttling internet

this is what i know from my experinces with cable services..

torrnents connect a number of people to your system (50-1000) to pull what you have and you pull from what others have.. that traffic may all use the same port so think of it like this..

a two lane highway and when comcast gives you say 20mb service you maybe downloading at 2 mb but uploading 120kbs so the packets go and alternate. doing soo very quickly creating load when you hit say 10% load your hardware crys for a buffer so it can smooth the download and upload ( traffic on said highway) so when it does this it may disconnect you and reconnects to the system..

the new peer host in most torrent have timers to update your connections and kill off bad or slow connections preventing the disconnections but its not perfect..dht local is what many use as well for the same thing as a tracker..

as for youtube it may be your buffer size as i been blaming lag and stuff for my slow loading videos but truth was if you start watching youtube or other streaming sites right click on it and a menu with come up from adobe flash and adjust size to unlimited and download the latest flash.. if you do that the site may be over loaded .. if you have to pause it till the stream is almost done ( slower connections this helps)..