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[BC] Poor cell phone reception

Hi, we live off grid in northern BC. To improve our cell service, we are not in a line of sight situation, we have purchased a Wison DB Pro booster kit with an 850/1900 MHz Yagi antennae and booster with a wireless indoor antennae for hopefully an Internet connection as well. We are using a new IPhone 5 as a possible hot spot for the Internet signal. After installing everything according to instructions and going the extra cost with good shielded Yagi cable our phone service has improved slightly and the Internet signal is very iffy but when it does work it is quite fast compared to the explore net satellite Internet we had before which was painfully slow and expensive. The question is, is an amplifier before the booster a good way to go or is one of the Telus hub options better? We are on the Telus network here. We are just looking for as much info as possible so that any more expensive additions to our system can be justified. Our field tests done with the iPhone are at best a -58db which is good, to an average of -75db and it fluctuates up to -100db or so up and down. I don't know if anyone has any experience with this type of set up but any and all advice would be appreciated, but please don't tell me to move to town!!!

Prince George, BC

with the TELUS smart hub you can mount an external antennae to your house then connect it to the device to significantly improve the signal.
Just make sure you do it properly (grounding etc)
I may work for, but do not necessarily represent the views and beliefs of TELUS Communications.