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[Embarq] Internet Speed Patterns

First note: Anytime you see a VV or vv, it is a double-u letter because my double-u key does not vvork(see?).

For the past 2 years, the speed of our internet has followed an odd pattern of slow and fast.

For about 3 months, the internet vvill be great. It ill be close to the speed vve are paying for and there are very fevv problems. But, after that time, the internet vvill be slovv for the same amount of time. So slovv to the point, that vve get less than 1mbps donvvload vvhen vve are paying for 5mbps.

Nothign fixes this, except for a magical technician, and even then the better speed (still vvay lovver than speed that is payed for) only lasts for an hour or so.

VVhy does this happen? Any info appreciated .

As you can see, vve are in our 9th day of our slovv period.
»www.speedtest.net/result/2455333 ··· 3532.png

Irish Shark
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Las Vegas, NV
• Anyone here can venture a guess on your issue, but that is what it will be a guess. We need some more data points before we proceed.

• Run a couple of tracerts to a couple of servers (near and far) and post what you get.

• What MODEM/Router are you using?

• Can you get into the MODEM/Router and post your line stats?

• Are the slow speeds at any hour of the day or at certain times?

• Any idea what the magical technical did to temporally fix it?

• Are you in a rural area or populated area?

• Any phone issues? Noise, buzzing, etc.?
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Not sure vvha a tracert is. Is it possible you can tell me?

Our modem is a VVestel Model 7500.

Im not sure hovv to figure out line stats.

The slovv speeds are all day. It never goes slovv then fast or vice versa, except for vvhen it svvitches each month.

I knovv the tech ran some tests and checked the vvired connection vvith the vvires that run under the house and into other rooms. Then he oul come back inside and tell us everythign seemed perfectly fine and the internet ould be better for a vvhile.

VVe live live on a rural street, but vve have many more populated streets neighboring our street.

Thanks for the response


reply to Irish Shark
Oh and forgot to ansvver about the phones. VVe have no problems vvith the phone. The phones dont seem to affect anything vvith the internet and the phones are clear in noise.