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Elwood Blues
Somewhere in
reply to Zazeen Inc

Re: Zazaaen Ip tv?

said by Zazeen Inc:

Sorry. It's set to 2. So two recordings and what ever your playing. If your not viewing any channel it can do three. It also depends on the type of storage device. Don't try to use a USB stick or SD card for 2 simultaneous recordings.

WI-FI also affects the count.

Why? Is it only USB2?
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Fort Erie, ON
said by elwoodblues:

Why? Is it only USB2?

From a purely technical level, the only limit would be how quickly you can get the data in and how quickly you can save it to a storage device. A USB 2.0 hard drive is still going to be faster than the vast majority (if all) Internet connections in Canada as they top out at about 300-400Mbit/s of usable bandwidth after overhead. We don't have Google Fibre, after all.

Limiting to three separate streams has more to do with what they realistically believe is sufficient bandwidth for a home Internet connection to maintain decent quality plus provide enough free bandwidth for Internet usage.