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Tallahassee, FL
reply to TorontoSM

Re: Beware of Teksavvy Phone Service

Would not recommend teksavvy phone or internet service. They lease Bell lines. Any install or service order has to go to Bell. If you ever have an issue, Bell will make sure that they provide the worst service possible to teksavvy customers. In the end the customer ends up getting screwed while it may not be teksavvy's fault.
My recent example: Phone line was down. Teksavvy filed repair ticket with Bell. Bell did some remote testing and determined that everything was ok without coming to my home to check if there was a dial tone outside my home. Bell closed the ticket. I called teksavvy back and they called Bell again. Bell argued but finally agreed to sent tech out. Bell tech determined that my telephone line had been disconnected at the neighborhood network box! I was asked to be home for a 5 hour window both times that Bell tech was supposed to come out.
In total I had service outage for 5 days for no fault of Teksavvy.
Lesson learned- however bad Bell is I would much rather have service directly with Bell. Bell now offers no contract service (internet and phone) like teksavvy and prices very competitively.
So why would you go through teksavvy and not directly to Bell? I had teksavvy for a long time because I disliked Bell but in the end what matters is my service uptime and not getting the run around. Interesting when I switched to Bell I was offered multiple installation windows for 3 hours and the tech called me before he showed up.


As I said in your other same post in another thread, keep feeding Bell and guarantee that you will always get this expensive and crappy telecom service in this country. Small thinking my friend.

I have had Tek phone and DSL for 5 years and they are fine.


Tallahassee, FL
Teksavvy needs to get its own infrastructure versus leasing Bell. If they had to do it they would have done it on their own by now or started. For that they have to think big and fetch a large capital investment.

Montreal DSL

·TekSavvy Cable
reply to rkaushik
said by rkaushik:

Bell now offers no contract service (internet and phone) like teksavvy and prices very competitively.

Teksavvy phone: $21.48

Bell phone:
Home phone Lite $28.98 /MO.
Touch Tone Fee $2.80 /MO.
911 $0.17 /MO.

Cheaper, right?
More transparent, right?

Do you need to compare the internet plans for you?


Tallahassee, FL
I have compared them and switched to Bell after comparing them. Are you on Teksavvy payroll somehow?

Old Martin
Hello Rkaushik,

Very sorry to hear about the troublesome times you have experience. We never strive for our customer to live through such a hardship. I believe what Montreal DSL is saying is that our prices have always been very competitive. Do to this reason, some incumbents have started offering much lower prices without contracts.

Would you care to explain what type of plan/offer you were able to receive from Bell.

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Tallahassee, FL
I switched my internet service to Bell. Compared to TSI I may be paying $4 - $6 more or less BUT peace of mind that I dont have to go thru reseller to reach Bell for service and still get the run around. Excellent latency on connection. Very happy. First statement had no surprises.

Bell fibe 15/10 (FTTN) at $43.95 for first 8 months
then $52.95 afterwards, will renegotiate then
rent free modem with wireless router (teksavvy charges $8 or so for modem per month)
no contract
no dry loop charge
extra 250gb for life makes it 325gb total per month
$9 monthly discount on bell tv

Customer Service
-tech came out next day to install (usually not possible via teksavvy)
-gave me a 3 hour evening window during weekdays (not possible via teksavvy)
-gave me a courtesy call in the morning day of install to confirm
- gave me a confirmation call that he on his way 30 minutes before install
- left me a business card with his direct number in case i had issues within 2 days
- Bell called me with satisfaction survey


Tallahassee, FL
In the process of switching over to CallCentric voip service. Very flexible pricing based on calling needs. Much cheaper than traditional POTS line. True that it depends on internet service but these days it does not matter with so many phones around.

With Callcentric you have phone service on your landline at home and same service on 2 mobile devices (in my case android and iphone).
All devices calls out using the same line irresp of where i am.
I can even use my account as a calling card.
Callback service like what google voice used to support in canada via 403 area codes. The list goes on and on.

Can port canadian numbers. Porting take several days (versus 1-2 days in US) but that is because of archaic and red-taped canadian regulations and service models.

disclaimer- I don't work for any telcos or affiliated corporations. This is an unbiased report, your experience may vary


Brampton, ON
reply to Montreal DSL
everyone I know including me are paying $9.95 for Bell Home Phone Lite...cheaper yes. For Internet (25/10) I am paying 62.95 for unlimited...cheaper than TSI yes. With Bell even Rogers, it is possible to get better pricing than TSI.


Donl, I do not say you are not right ...

You do have to understand that you do have access to these prices ONLY because Teksavvy (and other resellers) exists.... It seems many people forget about it!!!

Otherwise Bell will take every last dime from you and the other Bell supporters