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Nashville, TN
reply to ISurfTooMuch

Re: So tell me again why landlines are better?

Customers can opt for POTS phone (a real, traditional copper analog telephone line just like it's been for decades) and U-Verse VDSL. That arrangement separates telephone availability from internet service availability.

Dial tone is routed to the VRAD separately from Internet Service, but both travel down copper to the home. That means that if a storm were to cause a tree to fall and take out the line between your home and the VRAD, both phone and internet service would be down even you had POTS and U-Verse VDSL. However, if either U-Verse VDSL or POTS had a separate issue of its own before reaching the VRAD, only one service might be down at a time.

Similarly, for those thinking wireless is superior to a landline, if an issue interrupts the availability of cell towers in your area, your wireless service would be down but your landline and U-Verse internet service would remain up.

Most fiber runs underground. Most copper runs above ground. Microwave towers need line-of sight within a distance range to remain connected. Each has its own pros and cons, strengths and weaknesses of quality and reliability.