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Calgary, AB
reply to fatguy

Re: [AB] Erratic usenet speeds lately?

With 2 connections to newshosting last night (around 10:30), I was pulling 1.4-1.6 MB/s pretty solid on Optik HS 15. I can get it up to 1.97MB/s but it normally takes 6+ connections to do that... not really worth the bother unless I'm in a rush.


Lethbridge, AB

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15Mbps and 25Mbps plans have been easy to cap over Usenet and always has been. The issue is the suspected bandwidth throttling for Usenet with the 50Mbps plan.

I've just tested Usenet provider #4 with the same results on 50 connections.


Or maybe one of the links along the way is too saturated to handle a 50 mb connection? Do you really think Telus can DPI a SSL connection?


Edmonton, AB
reply to seriosbrad
..brad, did you try any speedtests off of servers in proximity to your usenet providers servers? Ive done a lot of testing over the last few days and:

i) i get speedtest impairment that seems to match my impaired usenet speeds when i speedtest to same area as usenet servers. Local speedtest is at max line rating 52Mb/s

ii) i haven't been able to repeat the speedbump i noticed switching from 119 to 443 etc...which would have been evidence of throttling.....so i still have issues on both type of ports.

....for me right now it looks like a remote bottleneck in web traffic


Edmonton, AB
reply to fatguy
I was able to test a couple other news hosts & for the most part:

i) all of them have erratic speed fluctuations on port 119 and appear to be much more consistent on 443.....difficult to tell if the average speed is higher on 443. Giganews was the worst of them all. (i compared the same number of connections across all of them)

ii) the new news host i have settled on i can pretty much maintain 5-8-6.2MB/s but the extra amount of connections i can carry is making a difference also.

iii) if i pair any of them up and pull off both simultaneously then i can peg my line at 6.3-6.5MB/s with no significant speed fluctuations on port 119 or 443.

.....so i guess from this i can say it's bottlenecking at some remote interweb branch(s)?


Lethbridge, AB

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A couple days ago I powercycled my Actiontec 3 times and ever since then I've been pulling exactly 6.95MB/s from my new easynews account over SSL on port 119. Guaranteed, on every new file. Easynews also allows for unlimited connections and the ability to change routes on-the-fly from the member control panel.

On usenetserver it would flucuate around 5MB/s - 6MB/s.

Anyways, I think there are now too many factors to consider to make a pin point decision. It seems like new 50MBps accounts just need some re-syncing sometimes to get a good connection. Reminds me of dial-up.