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The Coyote

Boca Raton, FL
reply to Gyp Thompson

Re: [Signals] COMCAST said my E2500 router is causing leakage.

said by Gyp Thompson :

These are the same guys that were going to nuke the service without even knocking on the door and letting me know what was going on. Then I had to tell the guy to check all the cables to make sure they weren't the issue, but he didn't check the one coming from outside. I just don't see how a modem can do this.

Most cable companies will install a high pass filter on the line and let the service techs find the noise. Assuming upstream noise. They figure knocking on the door to tell a customer noise is coming from their residence will result in them getting told to get lost. Plus they are probably running noise all day.

This forces the customer to call and let someone in to reconnect service and find whats' causing the noise.

Fortunately for you, you were home and they agreed to "troubleshoot" further.

Gyp Thompson

Ok, so I guess it's just normal procedure for them to do it the way they did it. So, in the mean time what should I do?