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Benton Harbor, MI

Frequent Disconnects

Over the past week, we have been experiencing frequent disconnects. The service generally comes back on within a few minutes, but of course assigns a new IP each time. We are seeing approximately 5-10 new IP's each day.

System has been rock-solid for years.
Nothing has changed on our end (same DSL modem; same router).
Only fax machine sharing line (on filter); nothing else.

Called AT+T Friday. They noted frequent re-connects. Ran an "Error Correction" utility. However, it is still acting up

Things we've tried:
Reset DSL Modem & Router (unplugged power & all cables; restarted)
Replaced DSL Filter

Any ideas?

Anyone experiencing frequent disconnects/re-connects?

Larry C
Yes I am having the same issues. Just my bad luck to upgrade a pc this week so I wasn't sure for a few days. Then I plugged my old one back in and the pauses in service and new ip's continued.



Benton Harbor, MI
reply to JohnNadeau
Just to follow up... this was NOT an AT+T or DSL Modem issue at all !

Turns out that our Router was physically failing (Linksys WRT300N wireless & 4-port wired).

In troubleshooting, we found that everytime a wireless device connected, the "router" would cause the DSL modem to reset (and obtain a new Internet IP address). The "wired" devices functioned consistently and never caused a reset. We disabled the "wireless" function of the router and the problem stopped. Installed a new router and everything is fine. It's worth noting that if you placed your ear directly on top of the router, you could hear a pulsating/hissing noise coming from it !

Burlington, IN
reply to JohnNadeau
I am having this same issue and I just upgraded In September 2012 to the new U-verse modem for the 12 meg service from Motorola . I called ATT and they said a line test shows its inside my house and is sending a tech tomorrow to check things out. I tried to convince her I had disconnected ALL phone lines in my home except the one going to my modem so I don't see how my service comes and goes but she said she had to follow what the computer says is wrong.
When I speed test I get sometimes of no servers found, another I got zero upload but 1.22 upload and now its averaging about 2 to 3 meg down and .5 to 1 meg up for the 12 meg service.
Don't worry be happy

Belleville, IL
how did you install your uverse? did a tech install it or did they ship it to you and you plugged it in even if you have nothing plugged into the other ph jacks signal can still bounce there