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Bueller? Bueller?
El Dorado Hills, CA
reply to thataboi

Re: DNS issues.

said by thataboi:

Typical dslreports critcism. Well did you use a dsnlookup tool?? Wow really? What is a dsntool going to tell me that I don't already know hen I am sitting in front of a screen with half the internet loading text?? So I did a simple tracert to the server as this was happening and it ended with packet loss. So are you going to insult me some more?

8 14 ms * 15 ms cdns01.comcast.net []

latency (typically gauged by a ping or traceroute) to a server that rate limits or drops ICMP and even udp traceroute packets is not a good way to check the response time of a DNS server.

The actual time it takes for a response is:

RTT (latency)
Lookup time (which may involve querying authoritative servers, or doing a recursive lookup, etc)

So even if a DNS server didn't rate limit ICMP, ping alone will not tell you the whole story.
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