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Re: all my neighbors get why cant i ?

I do not think this issue is that unusual. I live in an apartment community where U-Verse is available, but there were scattered units and buildings throughout the complex which came up in AT&T's computer as "not available".

This resulted in AT&T trying to sell & install satellite TV services in a community which only allows them to the minimum extent the FCC requires (so if you cannot get good reception in your "exclusive use" region you can't place the dish outside).

A property manager here escalated the matter to AT&T. When she finally got through to a tech who knew what they were doing, she had to go through the ~300 apartment addresses here with said tech and fix the records, as well as get the building or two which was not usable for U-Verse to be updated/repaired.

Personally I would call AT&T or ask in the AT&T Direct forum here if someone could run your address through as well as some of your neighboring apartments which have U-Verse to figure out what the issue actually is. Just be careful not to share your actual address or contact information in any place where it can be read by anyone else on the Internet.

Our street is odd too but not sure if it's an error. We have all the AT&T equipment on our road but many of our neighbors cannot get U-verse. It's off and on while they're on the same side of the road and kind of odd.