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Re: Please help my 80 year old grandparents with uverse

said by AgentPhish:

So I got it sorted, but they were incapable of explaining the following:

- Why this secondary account was created when my grandparents have no idea it exists

Already explained. When setting up a new U-verse account, there is an option presented to either get a new AT&T email address, or use an existing account. Their new account was set up with the first option instead of the second option.

- Why couldn't they just use their original email.

They could have. I was able to set up a friend so she kept her original AT&T Worldnet email address; and this was before U-verse was widely available (she was going from "AT&T Worldnet" dial-up to the then brand new. "at&t Yahoo! HSI" service).

- Why couldn't I reset the password for the original email via the web site even when it ended up that I had the right credentials to do so.

Did you log in at, 'mail.yahoo.com'? Once the new account was in place, the old account was converted to a free, Yahoo! Mail account.

This is why I don't do business with AT&T personally.

While I no longer do business with them, I have set up four accounts over the years, and never had trouble getting the desired account configuration.
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