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Annapolis, MD
reply to CylonRed

Re: Dish washer arms not spinning

On a semi-related note, my old dishwasher had its fill valve jammed up with calcium deposits from unsoftened well water. Enough so that the volume through it was too low for the timed fill cycle to put enough water in the tub. The pump would then ventilate during the cycle and the arms would barely spin. You can hear this if you listen to the pump during a wash cycle.

Tried cleaning the solenoid with CLR but ended up having to replace it instead.


Kennewick, WA
My dishwasher arms also get clogged with little chunks. I can see them trying to get out, but they're just too big. We use 1/2 cup of vinegar every load and glass seems to not be affected by our hard water.

Also considering a whole house water softener, but I don't want to lose our spectacular flow rate. Just under 5 gallons per minute in the master shower... shhhh