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Re: 35 Mbps package not delivering what's promised

Yeah. I just got the new DOCSIS 3.0 modem today and saw a great improvement at first. I was reading 30-32 Mbps which was awesome. Although now as the day has progressed it has dropped down to 5 Mbps and it's barely being used (1 streaming video and 1 person playing WoW) and I know afternoon activity across the town would slow it down a little, but it should not be dropping down 25+ Mbps because of that. So I have to call Metrocast and have them send someone down to check out the "node" I believe it's called. Might be overloaded. We got in contact with them and they said if the new modem doesn't fix it to call and have someone come look at the node. So it helped, if only for a short amount of time.

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Brierfield, AL
Wow, that's pretty bad.

Wish I could help you out more, but I am no longer associated with them.

When the problem gets fixed, your speeds will be more consistent with the DOCSIS3 modem, so I wouldn't return it.
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Yeah. I had absolutely no problems before the package upgrade to the 35Mbps. So maybe it's some kinks they have to work out, but I'm hoping to get this resolved because we had no issues before all of this. It puzzles me but hopefully I can get it fixed soon. Thanks I'll report back if we figure out the issue.

Alright. I figured I'd send an update. It turns out that after my upgrade to the new modem nothing had changed. After having 2 different calls to their tech support and then having an actual tech come out for a trouble call, we've determined that it has absolutely nothing to do with my hardware, and that apparently Metrocast is having issues with their servers in my area and that they aren't sure when it will be fixed. As of yesterday I was told that they were working on it for a week already trying to fix the issue. Frustrating on my end because tonight I'm getting ~200 ms ping, 1.xx Mbps DL speed, and 1.xx Mbps upload speed. Also frustrating knowing we pay $70 a month for the top tier package and can't even get $5 worth of use out of it.

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Putnam, CT
Those types of issues once identified are not an immediate fix.
Usually requires some hardware ordering and pre-planning. From what I remember it took 2-3 weeks here.