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Gyp Thompson

reply to flwpwr

Re: [Signals] COMCAST said my E2500 router is causing leakage.

@flwpwr, you said:

Some confusing use of terms, Leakage is not the correct term.
So should I call up Comcast and tell them leakage isn't the correct term and that the notice I'm holding in my hands that says "URGENT NOTICE! SIGNAL LEAKAGE ALERT" and "URGENT NOTICE! SIGNAL LEAKAGE SERVICE INTERRUPTION NOTICE" are incorrect and that the terminology used by the workers was also incorrect?

If your router is causing leakage that would be a problem for you and the FCC to deal with not us.
The note I have actually says Comcast is required by the FCC to repair any detected leaks, so are you sure it's just between me and the FCC? Why exactly did you guys come to my home again?

If you are causing NOISE to be injected into our network in the form of RF waves or just voltage, then we will cut you off to restore service to everyone else
According to the guys who came out no one else had an issue with service. No calls came in. Nothing.

no matter what made up service you think you have, THERE is NO service that says we will give you special treatment when you are injecting noise into the system, no matter what some salesmen told you.
I think you should probably back away from the computer screen for a bit, stop handling Comcast calls, cease relying on selective reading antics and utilize critical reading skills. I did not speak to a salesmen; there is nothing in any of my posts that suggest I spoke to a salesmen. I did not say I had a "made up service", but did say that I PAY extra money per month for TECH SUPPORT and for them to fix issues. Where did I say anything about special treatment?

You cause bad SNR, we track it to you, either you are home and you let us disco the offending outlet/equipment causing the issue, or you get a 75 Ohm terminator on your tap port. Either way the node issue gets fixed.
Yes, either way the issue gets fixed and me going to another company for internet service, as well as tv services, will also rectify the issue. The question however is what do I need to do NOW? Aside from disconnecting the router is there anything else I need to do or is there something I need to tell Comcast or tell the new guys that come out? Is there any information I need to get from them that I need to post here? However, I would appreciate it if YOU didn't answer and that other people on the forum would chime in. Your post came off hostile and I don't have time for that, especially when I'm the one footing the bill around here for my services, and you aren't.

That said, I doubt a bad Ethernet cable could cause that, it has to be some form of wave feeding over the Ethernet to the modem and across it to the RF, which indicates a bad router or a power issue, IMHO. Something like a floating neutral or bad neutral perhaps, damaged PSU maybe? Or possible a bad design internally on the router circuits.
The things you listed are beyond my realm of expertise and I'm simply going off the information that is in my hand and the information provided to me when the workers came out. My question is, and I'm not asking YOU personally, is what do I do now? Has the issue been truly resolved or is this something they need to look at again?

Has it been seen before, why yes it has. Is it common. No its not. Could the techs have been wrong, certainly, but if you hook it back up and it makes noise, your going to get removed from the network and thus have NO INTERNET/TV/PHONE as opposed to just having it off the modem.
And if they remove me from the network then they are going to have to send someone back out to check EVERYTHING, WHICH THEY DIDN'T, to see what exactly is the problem.

You just can't cut something off and not fix it and if they do something like that I'll cancel the service and that $120+ per month going to Comcast goes as well. Will they miss it? Hell no, but I'm not going to be jerked around.

At this time, the router IS disconnected, but tomorrow they are going to have to come out because I PAY extra money each month for them to handle service issues.

Your call, but know they were serious, if they go to that tap and see noise coming off your drop again, it is curtains.
They aren't the only internet provider here. They aren't the only company that provides tv services.

In closing, in the future, I would appreciate it if you didn't respond. Let the others who've been responding to my posts help me out. You just go ahead and handle some other Comcast customer or whatever it is you Comcast employees do, but let someone else here help me. Ok? Bye!