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San Andreas, CA
reply to ranman2

Can't Say the Same

Have the Gen 4 since Oct 18.Beam 19 Ca Sierras.Others on this beam have the same problem;for 1 month after install speeds good,then dial-up at nite,after complaining,I got fixed,it lasted another month now back to dial up at nite,worse yet 4 outages in the last week. Suz,Sara in Hughes forum ask for Case #'s so they can "help".Really? My last post a new topic on our common problems was deleted that's 2x for me now.The executive Stephanie also seems to blow smoke also.Calling Bangalore is a good way to have a stroke.The excuses are endless,and are your fault,router,firefox,clouds,rain,we're having a drought for crissake.I have a case number and a higher tier phone # after this,I'm calling my US Senators,after all Hughes got $58 Million US recovery funds,also the FCC and the BBB,to give a bad actor complaint.

R.I.P. Donald Lee Wise

Friendly, WV
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The BBB gave them an A+, I still can't believe that.. Yes my speeds here too are turning upside face down to the floor at evening times, around noonish sometimes and other times but as long as its working, I guess.
The day before yesterday, hughes was doing maintenance to beam 32 (my beam) and I toke a look at the modem page and it shown it had 130 of signal strength... Well thats obviously the first.. Getting stronger signal strength after maintenance and THEN it drops right back down to hovering around 100... AHHHHHHH BOOOM!!

You say your having a drought there? Could be sun spotts (also known as solar flares) causing the issue. I wouldn't recommend calling for another possible truck roll, the only thing they'll do is dust your dish (haha.. I could have done that with my broom). Like they did mine and tell you nothings wrong with it.
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