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Linksys EA2700 Netgear WNDR3700 (v1)

This isn't a question... I just did a lot of fiddling around and thought I needed to share my findings somewhere I haven't been able to find a decent comparison between these 2 routers... only one post on this forum... where it seemed like a split opinion over which was the better device.

Background: Lately I switched providers and upgraded my internet from 10mbit dsl, to 25mbit cable. I noticed that my speeds from cable seemed to vary quite a bit... the highest I had seen was 22 mbit.. but quite often it was 12mbit.

My setup: Cable modem & Linksys EA2700 in the basement. The EA2700 is acting as a router, DHCP, and an access point (2.4 & 5ghz). I have then have the Netgear on the 2nd floor connected back to the linksys (ethernet) The WAN port wasn't being used on the Netgear... it was only being used as an access point. No double NAT going on. Between computers, tablets, phones, tvs, media players, consoles, etc... I had over 15 devices connected to the Linksys, so that may have been part of the issue.

Troubleshooting: I removed the router completely and went direct to the cable modem and noticed I now had full speed... put it back in, dropped back down. So I connected to the router with ethernet instead of wireless... nope same thing.

Power cycled, same thing. Rolled back the firmware from the Cisco Cloud stuff to the classic... it improved.. was able to hit 15mbit, but not much higher. I also noticed that if I did a constant ping to the Linksys that the average was around 9ms... which seems strangely high.

So I swapped everything around, made my Netgear the router in the basement and tried again. Poof... able to hit 22mbit (wired & wireless) And now when I ping my gateway (the Netgear) it's solid 1ms pings.

I'm running Gargoyle firmware on the Netgear because in the past the Netgear would lock up every few weeks or so... Gargoyle has been rock solid... and gives a lot more statistics to look at. I also looked into the hardware specs of both devices, they both have the same amount of RAM... but the Netgear is running a 680Mhz processor, vs a 480mhz CPU in the Linksys.

TL:DR Netgear (running Gargoyle) can handle more throughput and devices than the linksys... and lowers my pings just shy of 10ms.

If you think the equipment's the limitation, get IPERF or similar to test it to it's limits.

Otherwise, sounds like if the Netgear / gargoyle is working better, stick with it.

My 00000010bits