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Re: Thinking of changing from Bell to Teksavvy

said by Pampers:


I am currently on the old Bell DSL 5 MBit unlimited plan that was grandfathered in. I don't get any throttling of torrents or anything else.

However, I'm a 'Youtube head'. I get buffering and hickups. I can no stream in HD most of the time unless I buffer. It's an ongoing frustration.

Youtube reports that I'm well below my ISP and even city at 4.66 MBits average. I read this is NOT enough to stream in most situations. It also lets me know that Bell isn't throttling me.


My bill is $80 total a month for dry loop DSL including taxes etc.

I was curious what others would advise me to do.


want some fun everyone phone up bce and ask what a megabit is in kilobytes/sec
no really