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reply to dendenden

Re: Shaw no support new Super HD from Netflix, boo!

said by dendenden :

said by Dominnanaimo:

This issue is starting to make me think that Shaw will degrade my Netflix experience to further their own business interests. That's something I can't tolerate.

I am starting to notice Netflix takes a few minutes to load a movie. The progress bar just sits there (ps3). Then throughout the movie the quality diminishes often to the point where the picture becomes blurry and pixelated. Thats unacceptable.

I pay top dollar for the 100Mbps package and I expect the package to deliver top of the line performance in however I choose to utilize my broadband connection.

If Shaw chooses to play games I will gladly drop them and sign up to Telus or TeckSaavy and get a digital antenna so I can catch the news on TV in the mornings (about the only time I watch TV anyway). They will be out 200/mth if they don't fall in line with what we want.

You realize the poster you're quoting was posting a hypothetical, right?

Shaw isn't actually degrading Netflix's quality/connection.