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Damn Kidney Stones
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Owen Sound, ON
reply to Draiman

Re: Attic flooring

said by Draiman:

said by DKS:

What effect will the flooring have on heat transfer from below? All wood has an R value. You have water pipes up there. Right now you are heating the space from below. What impact will that new floor have on the ambient temp of the attic space if you create a dead air space (insulation with the flooring (more insulation)?

You may also have moisture/condensation problems. You appear to have no soffit venting, with the insulation plugging that air space up. I would describe that attic as a mould farm just waiting to happen. Attics have air circulation for a reason. That seems to be a dead air space.

It's dead air space with or without flooring. The other side has flooring that's been there since about 1960 with no issues. The water pipes have been there since around 1970 with no issues. I just had that rigid board installed in 2012 to do it right but over 40 years of it being wrong and it's still there working fine. That new work doubled the R value from about R15 to about R30. Not worried at all about pipes freezing, weight, dead air, or anything else crazy people can come up with only flooring and that it's already decided to be 5/8" plywood.

Thanks to everyone for the help. That concludes this thread.

You miss my point entirely. The soffits are unvented. There is little air circulation. You will have issues, I believe. Mould can develop over time. Watch for black.
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