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reply to Greenalderbe

Re: First 2 weeks with far not impressed.

said by Greenalderbe:

mtu is at 1500.

Last three days of testing;
With or without change. (My modem is the DCM476)
Past 3 evenings (10:30 ish)Netflix and FTP (single thread) pulled between 2 - 5 mb/s.
Past 3 mornings (7:30ish) I can sustain 30mb/s+ with both.

Due to the consistency (nothing changing on my end), it must be a network issue. Does Rogers limit Start and the Indies somehow? Odd that this crippling congestion only appeared after I switched from Rogers

I don't think that Rogers is doing any limitations for Start or any other ISP out there.

For some reason i still believe that this has to do something with routing.

Some time ago, there was a problem with Chichago, and lots of sites out there was not reachable, or they were very slow.

How i see it (but, i might be wrong), correct me please if i am ..

Start can use 10gbps from for their needs, so, it goes like this?:

User -> Start -> -> (Their other links) -> to other provides out there, depends on the route.

I wonder if "Their other links" are overloaded somewhere or there is congestion, or i don't know what else could be.

Thats why i am waiting to see how things will be (and if they are going to improve) once NLayer is online.

Since i have start and that is couple of months now, every traceroute i did, everything went through

My thinking could be wrong, but, as said, please correct me if i am.