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Hazelwood, MO
reply to AnonFTW

Re: That's not what the study says at all ...

So if the legit ones purchased 582 and the pirates purchased 760, who contributed more to the industry?

This is a simple word math problem I am sure you can figure out.

If you want to go with % as you do above lets do that as well. However, I wont try to skew the point as you do.

If pirates purchased 30% of all music sold and legit people puchased 23%, which group contributed more money to the industry?

You can only assume anything is a lost sale. For all you know the 760 files the pirates has are the only ones they would have paid for period. You can't assume that the other 1240 songs are songs they would have purchased if they couldnt download them.

Lastly, if the legit ones that you try to use the percentages on only purchased 45% of their collection, where did the other 55% come from? Oh that's right... they PIRATED IT!

Now move on.