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Walnut Creek, CA
reply to Anav

Re: ZyXEL wireless access points?

I am actually currently running 3 Netgear routers as access points. I consider one the Main, one secondary (same SSID as main) and a third is a guest (guest SSID) - mainly doing this to try and alleviate the Main of some traffic.

At this point, I'd see a true guest network as a luxury - and don't need any real separation (but wouldn't mind room to grow). I also don't want to manage anything that isn't necessary, so trying to keep complexity down.

Coverage with one AP has not been a problem despite the large area - so these are spaced as far as feasible to prevent them from interfering w/each other too much.

Network covers two floors, with a GbE switch on each. 2AP on 2nd floor (Main, Guest) and 1AP (secondary) on 1st floor. Main is centrally located on 2nd floor, so can cover all areas required on its own.

I don't beleive any of the routers I have are DD-WRT (or other) compatible.

2 Unmanaged GbE switches
Main: Netgear WGT624v3
Secondary: Netgear ProSafe FWG114P
Guest: Netgear WGR614v6

Typical Clients:
Laptops: 2 b/g, 2 b/g/n
Tablets: 2 b/g/n (mostly web browsing)
Mobiles: 3 b/g, 2 b/g/n (mostly web browsing)