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anon anon

How much more would be made

If pirates paid for 100% instead of part?

This logic is like saying it ok for me to sneak into the theater half the time because the half I do pay for is more times that what the average person goes to the movies. So the theater is still making more money from me. Well maybe but they'd make even more if I paid 100% of the time.

Purcellville, VA
That's a tough question to answer. I'm sure there are many who pirate music, movies, and software who wouldn't pay anything for it to begin with and would just do without if it wasn't available. In your movie theater example would the theater owner really be hurt financially by people sneaking into the theater without paying, if those people would never have paid to see the movie in the first place?

anon anon
It doesn't matter if he's not hurt. If you are supposed to pay for acces to content and you don't want to pay then you are not entitled to access. People used to get that point. Now they think they're entitled to access if they want to pay or not.