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reply to dalepa

Re: [DVR] Can someone explain this?

Interesting theories especially the suck out on certain frequencies.

That said...
Your levels are not that bad that I woudl expect a OMP message, more likely there is an issue somewhere with the signal.

If you have a neighbor you can cask see if they see the same thing. 669 Mhz is up there so unless its some sort of cellular data carrier its probably just someone did not tighten something down correctly but the SNR says 27 which is low for a 256 qam carrier. Just checked my box mine says 37 on that frequency range. With -10 dB/mV I would say no less than 32 should be there, and more likley 34+. I would remove the cables from the wall and box and reconnect them, make sure to put some gumption on it, no limp wristing, if no improvement call in.