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Carlisle, PA
reply to mattmag

Re: Condensation on Attic fan, normal??

said by mattmag:

said by jack b:

One thing to look at is it's possible there is heated air leakage into the attic from the living space.

OK, I'm gonna dive into this a little and ask--- When did this become such a hot-button problem? I realize the issue, just playing devil's advocate a bit, because for decades it was pretty much standard-fare for bathroom vent fans to simply dump into the attic space. Most "older" carpenters etc that you ask about it will agree, and most also say they never saw damaging effects from the old practice.

Same here. We moved into our previous house in 2000. The inspector noted the bathroom fan discharged right into the attic. Said we should fix it because of mold. In 2012 when we sold it, I fixed it and put the vent through the side of the house. Total attic mold - 0. Nothing, nada. Beams and insulation were fine.