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[WildBlue] DNS problems

Question: with all the talk about different DNS problems, is there a reason why I cant just plug Google's free DNS numbers into my router and be done with it? I am an electronics tech but not a network tech so i am limited in my knowledge of networking.


Goodwater, AL
The DNS discussions are from Wildblue/Exede customers having problems with DNS resolution on some servers/beams.

Exede will hijack any 3rd party DNS request and route it to their own servers...so if you're an Exede customer it does you no good to install Google's or anyone elses DNS IP's...and it can actually cause bigger problems.
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said by junior70 :

is there a reason why I cant just plug Google's free DNS numbers into my router

It's really not needed, even if it could be done. One could setup a home DNS server, but it is not needed.

There are two main reasons for not using your ISP's DNS server:

1. Speed Increase - For land based users with an ISP with a slow server, one may see pages load faster. On satellite systems using proxy accelerators, this has no effect.

2. Safe Browsing - At least one DNS providers will eliminate those "bad" sites from being displayed.

Function of DNS server is to convert a domain name into its numerical format. I have a few URLs saved in both domain name and in their numerical name.

A person can edit their local host file,

»www.howtogeek.com/howto/27350/be···ts-file/ forecast.weather.gov

But, if that numerical IP changes, you will not be able to access site.

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You can bypass Exede's DNS hijacking. It could take more work than the average or even some of the advanced users would be willing to do, but it can be done. Exede is not the first ISP to do this nor will they be the last.


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I want to thank everyone for the replies. BTW I am one of the people having problems with DNS resolution. Some nights it's not to bad....some night I want to switch back to HN.


said by junior70 :

with DNS resolution

Try this: »www.analogx.com/CONTENTS/downloa···k/fc.htm

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Brighton, MA
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This is a copy of my post to the wildblueworld forum from 1/20/2013... It may be useful to you.

"I woke up early this morning at 6AM to find a non-functional connection. I could not resolve names via DNS. I did some tests, only to find that all of my DNS requests were being hijacked. So, I did some research (via our EVDO connection) and found that OpenDNS runs their servers on UDP port 53 and UDP port 5353. Pushing DNS requests over port 5353 were not being hijacked (they must be hijacking everything over port 53).

I reconfigured our router running DD-WRT to use OpenDNS over port 5353, and everything worked correctly. Names resolved reliably, and I was able to utilize OpenDNS features (phish block, misspelled name correction, etc). Sure names resolved slightly slower, but I would rather have it work slower and reliably, rather than fail randomly. If you are running DD-WRT on your router (more info at »www.dd-wrt.org) you can modify your DNSMasq settings:

On the Services Tab, edit the "Additional DNSMasq Options" with the following lines:

This has resolved the DNS issues on my parents Excede connection. Of course it hasn't fixed the fact their beam has gone down and the modem has lost sync several times.


Link to Thread: »wildblueworld.com/forum/showpost···ount=279

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