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Westford, MA

[VOD] OnDemand most of the time does not load

Hello all,

Since the past week or so, my Xfinity OnDemand service has been kind of flaky. Sometimes it works (ie I can load a TV show), but most of the time the menus are very slow and I get errors like VM-255, SRM-65532, CL-14, and ERR-0x000f. The errors appear to be random and if I keep trying I can sometimes get into my TV show, but most of the time I cannot.

I've called Comcast and had my box reset over the phone and I also unplugged the box but the problem still persists. I've read online that this might be a connection issue, but my internet and the rest of the TV work fine.

Does anyone know what the problem might be? I watch most of my shows OnDemand so I'm really hoping to get this resolved. I've been at my house for about 4 years with the same Comcast package but over the past week this started to happen. Could my box be going bad?

Thank you for any help.


Palmyra, MO
First check all of the connections in your house to make sure every one of them is tight (at splitters, and all other cable equipment in the house). If there is a little jumper on the back of the box that connects to two parts of the box in a loop, then make sure that is also tight. It could be the box going bad. If it isn't a hassle to exchange the box at your local office then give that a shot. Remember after hooking the new box up you will have to call Comcast to have then activate the box. Just explain to them that you exchanged the box. If you still have the problem, then you may need a technician to come to your house to check signals, ingress, etc...