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Michigan, US

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reply to TrickyNick

Re: Am I getting my rated speed?

You're def. coming up short. Your rates, at full speed, minus overhead should be ~11.57 Mbps Down/~1.47 Mbps Up. I would look into this further.

However, with that said, your service agreement with AT&T states that as long as you are getting a minimum of 75% of the speed of the service they sold you, they don't have to do anything about it. Your Down is within tolerance, but your Up does not appear to be, so you may have a case for forcing them to look into it, and if they refuse, to terminate your contract with them at no penalty as the speeds you are receiving are outside of the specified tolerance. The caveat to this is if for some reason they don't guarantee a minimum upload speed. In that case, you are likely stuck if they refuse to investigate.