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reply to Selenia

Re: Slow Internet speed/ mismatched IP address

I agree that rep in the Philippines was an idiot, but at least AT&T chooses better English speakers than other companies--it's the content of what she says that's at fault. I've only been online for about half a year so there's a learning curve for me; in fact I got my first cell phone about five years ago, and I'm 64. I only use the cell phone couple times a week and now I usually have it on Bluetooth in the car through the speakers. Of course alternative doctors warn against keeping the cell phone in your pocket==reduced fertility and all, but I have plenty of virility to spare (I suppose I should put an LOL here but I can't bring myself to do such things). I moved to this area 3 1/2 years ago and checked out such things as cell phone towers (there's one a mile away), etc., and of course who knows what eddys of electromagnetic radiation are swirling throughout the house because of electrical wiring. I did move the cordless phone base unit away from my bedroom dresser (a few feet from my head) to the other side of the house just to be on the safe side after learning that it puts out a continuous signal (an At&T person originally told me three years ago that the signal only came on when the phone rang or was in use--again, AT&T misinformation). I like to know the truth about these things, but a much more concrete problem is the damage caused by the medical establishment, especially prescription drugs that kill 125,000 people year from side effects and adverse reactions and disable millions more. In in my case worrying about nebulous radiation is like closing the barn door after the horse has escaped. I see there is no shortage of conspiracy theorists regarding other aspects of the Internet, from the NSA to third-party trackers to Internet fairness debates. There's a very good movie, a satirical comedy from the 1960s entitled The Presidents Analyst starring James Coburn and a large ensemble cast. Coburn plays the title character who is at first intrigued at being called to to become president's (psycho)analyst, but is soon burdened by what is revealed to him (but not to the audience). He then becomes a target for all manner of international spy agencies who want what's in his head and our own domestic spy agencies who want to either kill him or protect him, all climbing over each other and taking each other out to get to him. Someone with an overarching birdseye view is watching all this mayhem take place, the ultimate villain of the movie--guess who that turns out to be; an entity that plans to implant transmitter chips in the brains of newborns so that the world's population can communicate with each other by thought and be charged for, and I assume monitored and controlled by, this communication. Yes, it's The Phone Company. Of course there was no Internet back then, but it would be, in effect, the analog of the brain implant communication chips envisioned in the movie, and Internet providers, search engine companies, market research companies, marketing companies, and the government all seem to be vying for control.