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Sandy, UT


I have some crap laying around my house. Perhaps I can sell it to Dish for a 1000x what it's worth as well.

I feel sorry for those BB employees but it's not they have not seen the writing on the wall for at least a year now. If they wanted to I'm betting that they could have found other jobs already. It's not like Dish needs more then one person for each BB store... they'd still outnumber the customers by.... 1.

Hilo, HI
Excuse me, but the store here has always been profitable yet it is being closed. A lot of really upset folks here as it was still a very popular place. Many here cannot get internet at good enough speeds to stream movies so they are particularly upset as there are no other video stores and Red Box has a lot of limitations.

The person who opened the store here 22 years ago is still the general manager and will be the person closing the store in March. It is being closed, not because it has been unprofitable, but because its lease (as a stand alone store) at Prince Kuhio Shopping Center is nearing its end. In Hawaii, it is common for stores to close in such conditions (such as JCPenny which closed all stores in the state in 2001, and left forever after 40 years here, because the lease for the Ala Moana Shopping Center store in Honolulu was ending. Its stores were very profitable...the Ala Moana one being the top performing JcPenny store in the nation at the time).

Eight employees will lose their jobs when Blockbuster closes here. None have any job prospects. It is very, very difficult to get a job in Hilo. So, there was NO "handwriting on the wall". It was a shock to everyone in the community and, even if it had been expected because of low performance of the store which was NOT the case at all, the employees could not have found jobs "already" as there are so very few jobs available here. I did not patronize the store because I don't care for watching movies on a TV but I always saw a full parking lot when driving by Blockbuster. (I am probably the only person in this town who doesn't rent from them).
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