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reply to AndrewW

Re: knzb.co.uk

Nope, sorry for the misrepresentation... all registered users will be given access part by part as the site grows, it's not 'lottery' style and all registered users will be given access once the site is out of initial testing...

The random selection will be for 'beta stages' I might even toss the whole random idea out the window if the capacity is there, this is the whole point of taking feedback

The point of the registration is to give me an idea of what kind of audience I can expect to be tailoring for when choosing specs ect...


Morganville, NJ
I am looking forward to testing this, hopefully you will also allow api testing whenever you go live. Hopefully I will get an invite some time soon.

There are a plethora of newznab implementations out there which are quite good, but one of the most important thing matrix did was present them in a curated form with a good amount of comments.

I understand the need for everbody to make money, I just hope the "donations" are kept at a reasonable level.


Thanks for the support, its not to make profit as such as long as I can pay for the up-keep, buy a few smokes an beers out of it I'm happy!

If it takes off I'll plow allot of it back into the site, for me the one thing nzbmatrix lacked was some good design haha (something of an aesthetics person)

Also looking for some like-minded developers if anyone's interested


Toronto, ON
reply to knzb
Thanks for the clarification. It sounds great and I have left my e-mail with your site. Hopefully, I will get an invite and be able to test “The Second Coming” first hand.


Haha, thought that slogon might get some critics


reply to AndrewW
it was actually derived from a bit of a joke, all I'll say is they better clean it up!