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Leander, TX
reply to DKS

Re: Attic flooring

said by DKS:

said by robbin:

said by DKS:

You may also have moisture/condensation problems. You appear to have no soffit venting, with the insulation plugging that air space up. I would describe that attic as a mould farm just waiting to happen. Attics have air circulation for a reason. That seems to be a dead air space.

You should research conditioned or unventilated attics. It has become more popular in recent years.

In my environment, it's a non-starter. Attic air circulation and insulation are done for a reason. It actually cools the house.

I'm not going to Google it for you but you obviously have no insight into new thinking regarding conditioned, unventilated attics. It can be done in all climates although the climate will determine the proper design.