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Schaumburg, IL
reply to whamel

Re: Zoom 5341J vs Motorola SBG6580

The main issue is that the Motorola series seem to have issues with the bonded upstream. In 3-up bonding, they often seem to drop or not even initialize properly, with one of the channels going into a 'T4 Timeout' mode for no obvious reason.


North Miami Beach, FL
I was having a lot of problems with T4 Timeouts on my SB6120. I upgraded to a Zoom 5341J and while I still have timeouts, they are far less frequent. The signal in my area is very marginal, but Comcast doesn't seem to be interested in doing anything to improve the signal. They have provided an amp (free of charge) which helps downstreams, but the upstream is not amplified.

Even if I connect the cablemodem directly to the line from comcast without any splitters/amps, it's still weak, so I have to just make do with what I have, and the 5341J seems to have helped a lot with my weak signals.

The wings of love
Union, NJ
said by nmbdude:

and the 5341J seems to have helped a lot with my weak signals.

FWIW, I have found it to be very tolerant / forgiving of less than stellar signal stats / connection quality ! More so than any Moto that I have ever owned, and I have had many different models going back as far as the SB3100.