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Let me see those devil horns in the sky

Kill Devil Hills, NC
reply to AVD

Re: Garage addition

said by AVD:

said by Draiman:

it's not code so the pros won't do that.

A real pro will do what the client specifies.

They'll gladly do overkill if your willing to pay. Who wouldn't do more if it made them more money? Even McD's is pushing to get you to upgrade from a Medium to a Large. Anything that empties your pocket into theirs!
IF YOU FIND ANY MISTAKES IN MY WORK...Please consider that they are there for a purpose. I try to please everyone and there is always someone looking for mistakes!


Here, they have to put adhesive up as there was a lawsuit against several townhome builders where the ceiling sheetrock collapsed on owners. 'rockers used nails only-no screws.

I've had several nails get popped because of the "truss" floor flex. I got mad a the crappy Sears Shop vac, kicked it and threw it down (anger issue with the *%^^! wheels that won't roll) on bedroom subfloor (before new carpet...pulled out all nails and replaced with deck screws).

Next day, I am looking at living room ceiling and HOLY !!!!
(they only used nails...I went back and put fields of screws 1" off the nail heads, pulled nails out and filled).

When I remodeled the basement, the association contact told me to use adhesive and screws for ceilings. Stuff was cheap (case of liquid nails drywall adhesive big tubes). Since I was below grade, I did green sheets and screws.

Do it right the first time.


That's the condo association not code. I used adhesive when I put up some drywall ceilings but I did it for sound proofing. You use this green sound proofing adhesive then put it all over the drywall and attach a second piece of drywall.


Respice, Adspice, Prospice
Onion, NJ
egg crates are better and more pleasing to the eye.


said by AVD:

egg crates are better and more pleasing to the eye.

Not to the wife or to resale value though.