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Terrorists target your backbone

reply to Steve

Re: Security risks of security hyper-awareness

Sorry man, that sucks, but sounds like your were almost as prepared as you could have been, and certainly more so than most.
said by Steve:

Note #1: those who suggest I avoid an iPhone altogether have to trust that I made my choice for a very good reason.

No fair, you took the wind outa my sails! I know little about Apple products, but just in case it affects your future phone decisions, know that the right rooted Android phone offers significant control over your personal info. There's no requirement to sync calendars, contacts, etc with Google, they can be local on the phone & sync only to your PC. Also, you can selectively control (or even fake) what individual apps have access to including camera, mic, contacts, sim, IMEI, wifi, 3g/4g/roaming, etc. Theoretically, you can even find a lost/stolen phone with no prior preparation, although not easily. That's a level of control I can't live without. Of course, it takes time to learn & become comfortable with all that, too.
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said by Fickey:

No fair, you took the wind outa my sails!

My reasons for getting an iPhone had very little to do with the features of the iPhone itself or my own personal needs.

If I said I needed to get up to speed on the Apple ecosystem in order to help a customer with a security project, that would be pretty close.

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I don't know if they offer this for Apple but for Droid there is the Birth Control Pill called PlanB.
»play.google.com/store/apps/detai ··· nb&hl=en


reply to Steve
I know that $500 is hard to swallow that's why they made the morning after pill called Plan B.


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Onion, NJ
said by morningafter :

I know that $500 is hard to swallow that's why they made the morning after pill called Plan B.


only for android so far
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