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This is a sub-selection from Ah, the good ol days

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Re: Ah, the good ol days

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Gamestop is in an interesting position where its the industry trying to kill them not the customers. Customer love used games, the industry not so much.

Games just happen to be in a position that music and movies are not, They can lock their content down by making people register a CD key to access online content.

Agreed, hence why gamestop is trying to evolve. Currently they sell a selection of tablet devices as well.

I think GameStop's problem is they are over saturated in terms of locations. A few years ago, there was two GameStops at the Enfield Square Mall in Enfield, CT and the closed one of them. They also have one right across the street from Eastfield Mall (which also has a GameStop inside the mall) in Springfield, MA. They're basically like CVS where there is one on every block. In my opinion, I think GameStop will see the need to downsize considering that Walmart, Target, and Best Buy also sell the major consoles and associated games. I personally prefer to buy my games at Best Buy (I got my first Nintendo there in 1993 and I just bought a Wii U there at Best Buy as well). When I get paid, I am going to Best Buy to pick up Super Mario Bros U. I have so many games for my Nintendo systems that they are scattered throughout the living room as there is limited space on the entertainment center.

I tend to avoid purchasing new games. I either rent them from Dish/blockbuster [though if they kill that, then I'll hop on over to gamefly].
Or I buy them used. I've been burned a tad to often when buying a 60 dollar game. Either the game play is only 8 hours [I am not a fan of something like COD black ops 2 multiplayer], or they only showed you the "wow' parts of the game when advertising it. So renting/buying used is for me, plus I'm on a tight budget.
Gamestop is the only game in town for used games, next to a pawn shop or a second hand bookstore [which will also be hurting in a while].
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