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Re: My modem, Comcast wants to "stamp" it?

said by knitsta :

I gave back my Comcast modem and replaced it with my own back in November 2012. Comcast now "highly recommends" that I take my modem in to the local Comcast store to have it "stamped". The reason they cite is so that updates can be posted to it. But I've already registered the modem with Comcast online and have been receiving internet just fine for two months. Is this a scam to harvest more data? Is is necessary?

It is total BS. Comcast already will automatically upload their preferred firmware (and certainly their config files) to any activated modem that is physically connected to their network. The only reason for a "stamp" (whatever that means) on your personally owned equipment, would be to identify it as such so that the Comcast goons who come to pickup Comcast property if you stop paying your bill, might not also take your personally owned modem.

What it really sounds like to me is a way for Comcast to put their own ownership "stamp" on your personally owned equipment; but I can't imagine even Comcast being that openly greedy. This is especially so since all they have to do (and have done so many times) is to just claim that it is their modem, and you then have to present irrefutable proof that it is actually your modem.
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