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Fayetteville, AR
·Cox HSI

[AR] ESPN3 Error Code 308?

All of a sudden (since today) every single event we try to view gives us the following error:

"There was an error loading the event - Error code: 308"

We've seen this error but it is very rare and usually we just reload the event with no problem.
This time, every event will not play no matter what we do. [above] error is same every time.

Every browser on every system has same problem. After a bit of research we found comcast users had this problem as well.
The general consensus that comcast was the culprit and not ESPN - so i called to report it but was told to contact ESPN about it.

We've tried using different versions of flash plugin but every one is giving us this error.

Also, I suspect that this content is validated via the IP block itself, since we've *never* had to login to our account to view espn3.
We've even tested the XBox espn app and it worked flawless a week or so ago. So I highly doubt any type of login is an issue with this error.
We do not have tv service but was told it is included with the Internet account. Did this change?

Before we attempt to contact espn we would like to know if anyone else can confirm this problem?



Fayetteville, AR

UPDATE - Working Again (Fixed?)

Well, they seemed to have fixed whatever 'technical difficulties' they had.

We were able to view some events again.
Can't help but wonder what's up when that happens.