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[DSL] Accessing Netgear 7550 that is in bridge mode

So I outgrew my 7550 on the LAN side, it just couldnt keep up with netflix, media streaming, 2 ipads, 2 smart phones, 2 smart tvs and 3 pcs all trying to do their thing at once. I was resetting my device a few times a day.

I decided to invest in a Asus 1750 ac Router and this thing is simply awesome. I found some great instructions here on how to set that 7550 to bridge mode and diable the dhcp worked like a charm the asus was up and humming in 10 minutes.

What I did not do is disable the SSID broadcasting before I did that now I cannot figure out how to get the 7550s firmware now that its in bridged mode to disbale that bad SSID. I had no luck googling so do any of you guys know? I also tried plugging a PC into directly on a few different ports with no luck.

Not sure what my options are at this point.


Pen Argyl, PA
Push the reset button, get back in, change your settings and then bridge it again.
Joe Sica


Modoc, IN
reply to Dagg21
Yeah, unfortunately you'll have to reset the modem and change your settings and then put it in bridge mode again.

I wish there was a way to access it, but I don't know of any way other than this.

reply to Dagg21
said by Dagg21 :

I cannot figure out how to get the 7550s firmware now that its in bridged mode to disbale that bad SSID.

Since the 7550 has it's lan dhcp server disabled when it is bridged you can connect
just one computer to one of the 7550 ethernet ports.

You must also configure that one computer with a static private ip address.
The default private ip address of the 7550 seems to be

So you'll need to use a ip address like on the computer you
want to use to reconfigure the 7550

I can post a link to instructions on how to configure a private static ip address on a computer.

And of course you can do a factory reset of the 7550, doing that will enable the 7550 lan dhcp
server and you'll be able to access the 7550 without reconfiguring a computer with a private static ip address.

Thanks guys for all the replies, Im thinking a reset and redo of the settings is easiet.