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Adrian Locke

Kennedy, NY

Six months and counting of sub-par speeds.

I have to say, I'm ridiculously disappointed in Windstream as a service. Since the end of May 2012, I have been experiencing a "latency outage" in my area. Simple, right? Well, that explanation has changed with nearly every call I put in.

I have made at least three dozen or so tickets through the Windstream phone-line, and have gotten nearly as many excuses for why I have not been getting the service that I pay for. These range from;

1.) Latency outage. Apparently at least two separate ones with mere hours of layover, as the first was scheduled to be fixed at the end of June 2012, yet I still had problems. When I called in, the lady who took my call confirmed that it was fixed. The next calls just rehashed the same excuse.

2.) A problem with my DSLAM. Apparently, something was outdated there and they had to replace it. Four times. I guess, because they kept on using that between other explanations.

3.) My computer. Despite my having tested the speed from three separate computers in my household and gotten the same results, a representative transferred me over to the computer-support department without informing me, and once I informed my new buddy about the symptoms of my issue, he admitted that he had no clue why I would be transferred there.

4.) Some part had a... pink ticket in my area's system, I believe? Or maybe that was the color for the latency outage. Regardless, one lady I talked to said that there was an open order for a replacement of some kind with no ETA or information, and she could not access it or clarify. Yeah, I have no clue what that was about either.

5.) My modem's firmware. I use a wireless 1704 (and yes, when testing, I always plug directly in with an ethernet cable!), and was told that over the course of two days, Windstream would be monitoring my connection to make sure it was working correctly, and was told that under no circumstance should I unplug the modem. Well, surprise surprise! I lost complete connection to the internet on the second day because it could not contact the "DNS", and never got a call back about said-monitoring.

6.) Modem degradation. I actually managed to get them to dispatch a repair-guy in the second month. My specifically noted problems at the time were "steady speeds in the morning, drops off in the afternoon, then constant fluctuations until the next morning." The representative acknowledged my provided information, and scheduled me for a repair "before 5 PM". He ended up coming at 8 AM, when my speed was a shaky 2.5 MB with around 60 ping. Despite showing him my history of tests, he said that it was within the standard allowance and left without touching a single thing. And lately? I haven't gotten ping under 93 ms in four months, with it usually hanging around 105 at the lowest when it isn't jumping above 200 or 300, yet somehow can't get another guy out here to confirm it.

The absolute worst part of it all? On my last few calls, I get a stock reply as soon as I bring up the symptoms. No checking or pause at all, I just mention low speeds and the representative jumps right to "we're so sorry for your troubles, but you seem to be experiencing a latency outage in your area." Again, not a huge deal. Disappointing that they instantly know exactly what my problem is after six months of no fixing it, but what can you do?

Then it gets annoying. On January 12, I called in like I've been doing constantly, and actually got a repair date! Problem is... it was June 30th. Oh, and it no longer exists less than two weeks later. My four latest calls after that have yielded no further information, and I've been told by those representatives that they are not able to give any repair-date whatsoever, and when I bring up the date I was given, they say that it was never scheduled. So, either I was lied to once or the repair was thrown out six months in advance just because of reasons.

I am deeply frustrated by this service, and if there were literally any other option in my area, I would instantly stop giving away my money to this company, but my line of work requires access to the internet, however horrible it may be, so I don't really have a choice in the matter. It's disgusting how I have been treated as a paying customer, and I sincerely hope that things begin to improve.

I love torque

Senecaville, OH

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I know exactly how you feel and it hasn't gotten any better in three years. Windstream loves to take their good ol' time and have more excuses than a pregnant nun. See, to them we are a bunch of [mindless] zombies who repeatedly fork over the money every month and demand more brains (aka bandwidth... all we ask is get what subscribed to with reasonable latency). WS's philosophy is this: DSL is just a "luxury" for the average joe and the only people who really need bandwidth are corporations and cell towers. They treat large businesses/data centers and towers like gold. We are essentially just a bunch of investors who fund their "special projects" (aka buying other telco companies and deploying fiber where they can yield high returns) and make sure Jeff, the CEO doesn't break a sweat. They don't buy our demand for fast, reliable internet for those of us who have jobs that have that requirement. All they think we use the internet for is just Netflix, Youtube and playing games. Yes I'd love to be able to stream movies and play some TF2 or BF3 once in a while but the fact is, work has to be done first and play time comes later.