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Re: [Classes] 5.2 Changes

The shuriken thingie is nice on bosses where you got to move from melee range to avoid certain damage and still keep DPSing the boss (Feng fire, spirit kings flank, Elegon stack dump, Will's adds, etc)

I haven't seen the new raid's mechanics yet, but if there's adds, the new talent will come in handy for sure


Carrollton, TX
I don't know. Shuriken's dps might have to be upped a bit to be viable, but I can kind of see this being used on those bosses.

Topeka, KS
All depends on the length of time you spend out of melee range, and how big the boss's hitbox actually is. My slacker raid has just started HoF and Vizier's hitbox is huge. Enough to where you can still DPS during attenuation.

Of course, the fact that you can swap talents out easy lets you customize your talents based on the fight. Might have to look at how many CP you'd potentially waste per minute of DPS. More than 5: Anticipation, less than 5: Marked for Death. Of course, that all depends on the player remembering to hit MfD as well. With Anticipation, it's always there.
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