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LMAO I love twc - not!!

What they dont tell you is the following:

1) If you cancel how long till you get a refund back

2) If you have to setup automatic payments for this promo (i bet you do...)

3) Will TWC not charge your autopay once you cancel? (Sadly when I worked at TWC 40% of the calls a day would be people who were double and triple charged because when they cancelled the person forgot to cancel the auto pay. Keep in mind a request for your refund can take up to 4+ weeks)

4) They are putting price hikes on some channel teirs to cover the cost of new content (IE the sports pack)

TWC has perfected the con job to a new level as they lose customers for refurbished equipment, constant outsourcing, etc.

Yes... keep in mind almost 70% of customer support is outsourced, 95% + tech support is outsourced...

About the only in house staff they keep is for the Signature Home line because if your dumb enough to pay that much you can cover the bill for a person in the states...