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dick white
Annandale, VA
reply to alkizmo

Re: EXTREME freezing temperatures - What to worry about?

We don't get anything like that here in Ol'Virginny, though it is colder today than in a long time. Some years ago we had an even worse cold snap and a couple of houses in the neighborhood had a problem with inside pipes freezing. The troubled pipes all ran up the inside of an outside wall from the powder room on the first floor to a bath on the second floor. The high winds and cold temps overnight drew enough heat out through the wall that pipes froze. The wall insulation had been installed over the water pipes, so the inside room was nicely insulated though the pipes were not. Because it was overnight, nobody was using those bathrooms so the water in the pipes was not moving and froze easier. In the morning there was no water in the upper bath, and later in the day when it warmed up a bit, the now-cracked pipe thawed and there was a mess, to put it mildly. Because it happened to the same pipes in several houses, all of which were facing the same direction, and only those facing in that direction, we were able to connect the dots and surmise why it happened. By now, you know where your plumbing is in your house, so if you have any vulnerable runs, just leave a faucet running with a slow drip overnight. The moving water will be less likely to freeze in the pipe.

cheers and shivers