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When you get past the semantics...

Each nation insists on it's own laws and the words are not consistent, but the bottom line is no one thinks governments don't lie cheat and steal as well as ignore the law, no one thinks corporations don't lie cheat and steal as well as ignore the law...

So why are they shocked that joe nobody is just as willing to lie cheat and steal as well as ignore the law.

The only games I call off limits to downloads, are put out by publishers I consider personal friends. I know the persons and being friends, well you don't steal from your friends.

Aside from that, it is a losing prospect for governments and corporations to try and make me feel bad at being better at the game than they are some times.

I ditched cable, as a service it's a rip off. I like Netflix, and I am happy to pay for it. I could be downloading yet still, but I have found it less hassle and more fun to just pay for the services I consider money well spent.

Eventually the corporations will learn that no one cares because no one needs to care. Hey, you need to consider, some of us are not into believing the whole god thing, and thus by extension his boogy man bad guy won't be coming for us later, and thus, we don't live a life filled with guilt feelings for making good use of a good thing.

I'd rather download straight from the source films rather than go to a theater. I'd be ok paying 5 bucks to get a copy of a film. Sure if we started doing that, it would really suck trying to run a theatre. Oh well, such is life.

I buy all my games as digital downloads.
I buy whatever movies and books I want online.
I rarely have any interest in brick and mortar stores aside from the bored sales clerks providing me someone to chat to on occasion.
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