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San Diego, CA
·Cox HSI
reply to NOVA_UAV_Guy

Re: Hypocrites

said by NOVA_UAV_Guy:


My point, of course, is that piracy isn't necessarily to blame for all of the RIAA's and MPAA's woes. And given the evidence presented in various studies that show average spending for those who admit to pirating things is greater than average spending for those who don't pirate, I'd humbly suggest that the RIAA's and MPAA's biggest enemy is themselves - with their draconian policies, third world banana republic dictator enforcement schemes, and business model whose most recent update came when President Reagan was sitting in the Oval Office eating jelly beans.

The last time I check, this country is a Republic that works on the principals of capitalism. That means if the business model sucks, then the choice is to get one that works or fail. IMO the **AA's business model sucks, sinks, and does not work but yet they feel they deserve to have perpetual revenue.

**AA's your pissing off your customers by treating them like PIE-RATS when your business model created the problem in the first place. Provide your customers with a quality product at the right price and I guarantee "pirating" will be such a minor issue it wont be worth the time to chase them down. Remember **AA's your NOT to big to fail.